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The origins of BDSM are lost in the distant past. So, even in the time of the Ancient Hellas, the Greeks were popular ritual public scourges, which were conducted by the priests of the goddess Artemis before her altars. The first evidence of psychosexual culture is also found in the patterns of graphic drawings painted by the disappeared people of Etruscan. An example of the presence of BDSM in the culture of the ancient Etruscans is the images found in the tomb of the Etruscan nobility in the city of Tuscany: the pictures depict men who break a woman with a stick during sex.
In addition, archaeologists have discovered frescoes with erotic content during excavations at the site of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. Many murals also contain BDSM.

BDSM today
Today, non-standard sex services, including Bondage & ndash; DisciplineDomination & ndash; Submission & ndash; Masochism is very popular and is a developed subculture. In Germany, Japan, the USA and other countries there are thematic clubs, chat rooms, websites, forums and even studios where people interested in BDSM can communicate and receive information of interest. At the same time, the level of permissible and rigid relations is determined by the community members themselves.


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